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Property Finance: Lending, Debt investments, Investment Analysis and Servicing

  • We serve as gateway for debt capital providers to the Dutch commercial real estate lending market.
  • We provide Dutch borrowers with access to non-traditional funding sources.
  • We offer a unique combination of credit and real estate skills and access to local network of borrowers.
  • Extensive (international) network of funding sources ensuring best suitable funding solution.
  • Cooperation with Morgan Stanley to originate and service commercial real estate loans in NL.
  • Since inception successfully arranged approx. € 1.5bln+ of financing down the whole capital stack.
  • Currently about € 300 mio AuM.

Our ambition is to serve as gateway for real estate debt providers to the Dutch market. Through our network in capital markets and in the Dutch commercial real estate arena, we are able to connect debt providers to the best investment opportunities and provide borrowers access to alternative sources of financing. We are able to match and arrange the best suitable financing solution for all types of real estate including office, retail, logistic, residential, mixed-use and operating assets such as hotels. Since inception we successfully arranged more than € 1.5bln of financing in various parts of the capital structure.

Unifore’s team offers a unique skill set consisting of thorough real estate knowledge and fundamental understanding of credit and markets. Our network is strongly rooted in the Dutch commercial real estate market, which provides us with valuable access to local sponsors and other partners.

Morgan Stanley

Since October 2017, we have a cooperation with Morgan Stanley to provide borrowers across the Netherlands with flexible loan structures and LTVs. We target loans across a wide variety of commercial real estate asset classes and with a minimum size of € 10 million, but also have the ability and capacity to provide funding for significantly larger transactions. Our services range from origination, investment analysis up until closing of the transaction. We are also responsible for loan monitoring during the life of the transaction.

Other financiers

On a case by case basis we source Dutch CRE loans for Deutsche Postbank. Via multiple transactions we have sourced € 300+ million in financings for them. Please contact us to learn more about our services and discuss potential business opportunities.