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Woon-Winkel Fonds successfully arranged refinancing with Morgan Stanley and Unifore

December 18, 2017

The manager of Woon-Winkel Fonds, Beethoven Beheer B.V. announced that it has arranged the refinancing of its entire portfolio. The Dutch real estate fund manager has negotiated a refinancing of € 48.2 million with Morgan Stanley.

Unifore and Morgan Stanley entered into an agreement to lend to the Dutch CRE market, enabling borrowers across the Netherlands access to flexible loan structures and LTVs. Following this agreement, Unifore and Woon-Winkel Fonds explored the possibilities to refinance leading to a successful transaction between Morgan Stanley and Woon-Winkel Fonds.

The portfolio of Woon-Winkel Fonds consists of 70% commercial real estate with the remaining 30% of the portfolio being multi-family residential units.
This transaction demonstrates the continued recovery of the Dutch commercial and multi-family real estate market. Woon-Winkel Fonds noted that this is a positive milestone for the Fund.

Woon-Winkel Fonds was legally advised by Eversheds Sutherland.